Introduction to Programming in Data Analytics

  • Course level: Beginner  
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This course is designed for data professionals in beginner level who are interested to start programming in data analysis projects.


To know the essential concepts of programming
To learn how to setup R and Python in your machine
To learn how to create your own account and use Github
To understand how to effectively share your codes in a team
To learn programming in R and Python
To implement a real project in R and Python
To understand how to use the programming skills learned  in your own real projects


Introduction to data analytics
Essential concepts of programming
Setting up R and Python
Programming in Python
Programming in R
Essential concepts of teamwork in programming
How to effectively use Github?
Final project in R and Python

Registration fee :
€ 490

Target audience

  • IT staff
  • Analytics staff
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Computer Science and IT Students


  • Overall knowledge about data analytics
  • No previous programming skills needed