Data Cleaning and Exploratory Analysis in R

  • Course level: Intermediate  
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This course is designed for data professionals in intermediate level who are interested to conduct data cleaning and exploratory analysis projects.


To prepare your data for a data analysis project
To learn how to deal with missing data and outliers to  resolve data inconsistencies
To gain maximum insight from the data set and its

underlying structure

To improve your understanding on descriptive statistics
To do feature engineering and extract the most meaningful

features from variables

To do exploratory analysis using different plots


Loading and cleaning data in R
Data structure investigation
Relationships and patterns investigation among variables
Dummy variable interpretation
Feature engineering and variable transformation
Missing and duplicate data imputation
Outlier handling
Feature scaling
Exploratory data analysis using R graphical libraries
Correlation testing
Applying the data cleaning exploratory analysis on real data as the final project

Registration fee :
€ 590

Target audience

  • IT professionals
  • Computer Science and IT Students
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts


  • Basic knowledge of R and
  • R Studio
  • Basic knowledge of descriptive statistics