Data Visualization, Storytelling and Dashboards Design in Tableau

  • Course level: Intermediate  
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To present data in a way that people understand and remember, you need to tell a story with the data. In this course, after learning the essential concepts of data visualization and storytelling, you will apply them to practically analyze your data in Tableau Desktop.


To know how to start and end a data story
To learn how to generate actionable insights from your data
To improve your analytics presentations through storytelling
To get familiar with Tableau desktop environment
To know how to import your data from different sources into  Tableau
To build essential chart types in Tableau
To learn dynamic data manipulation and presentation in  Tableau
To create basic calculations in Tableau
To practically apply what you learned to build interactive  dashboards on your own data


Essential concepts of visual graphics
Preparation of story points
Setting up an interactive story
Visual best practices for creating professional stories on data
Connecting to Data in Tableau
Filtering and sorting Data
Implement advanced geographic mapping techniques in  Tableau
Trend lines and Forecasting in Tableau
Dashboards and Actions in Tableau
Use extracts to improve performance
Final project to build responsive dashboard on  your own data

Registration fee :
€ 590

Target audience

  • Business Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • IT & Analytics Staff


  • Overall knowledge on data analytics
  • No programming
  • experience needed
  • No previous experience in
  • tableau needed