Essential Concepts of Data Analytics

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This course is designed for managers and data professionals at the beginner level with minimum knowledge of data analytics who are interested to be familiar with key concepts and best practices of Analytics, AI, and Data Science.


• To be familiar with different steps in a data analytics projects
• To know the maturity levels in data analytics
• Explore the AI practical use cases, and learn how it can boost business performance
• To know the difference between Data Engineer, Data Analyst,  Data Scientist, and Citizen Data Scientist?
• To understand how to have a Data Driven Organizations  through the best practices
• Practically understand how to map a business problem in  your organization into an analytics solution
• To get familiar with the latest technologies and tools in data  analytics domain such as block chain, big data,


• Introduction to Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning
• Different types of data analysis: Descriptive, Diagnostic,  Predictive, and Prescriptive
• What skills you need to become a data professional, and  what is the road map?
• Success Stories: AI for Business Improvement
• What is Data Democratization?
• How to have a Data Driven Organization (DDO)
• How to ask a right questions in analytics domain
• Essential concepts about data visualizations
• How to plan building a sustainable analytics dashboard
• Introduction to analytics advanced topics (e.g. IR 4.0,  Blockchain, Big data, …)
• Analytics project life cycle
• Real World Analytical Organizations

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€ 390

Target audience

  • Managers
  • IT and Analytics staff
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Computer Science and IT Students


  • No previous analytic knowledge needed
  • No previous programming skills needed