Statistical Analysis Methods (using R)

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To be very good data scientists, it is important to know the statistical logic behind any analytics solution that you provide. In this course, you will learn the essentials of statistics in a practical way with real world examples.


To learn the required theories and concepts of statistics
To learn how to prepare your data for statistical analysis
To learn programming in R
To learn how to do exploratory analysis in R
To know how to identify hypothesis in data science projects
To know how to run different statistical tests to do  hypothesis testing
To undestand how to interpret the p-value and confidence interval
To can install and run a program using Hadoop!
To know the best practices on implementing Big Data
To learn how to build a Big Data strategy in your own  organization


Installing R and R-Studio
Data preparation and cleaning methods in R
Data types in R
Categorical data analysis
Introduction to probability
Hypothesis testing
T-Test and Anova test
Inference: p-values and confidence intervals
Descriptive Statistics
Exploratory analysis
Drawing different graphs

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Target audience

  • Data Scientists
  • Business Analysts
  • IT staff
  • Computer Science and IT Students


  • Basic knowledge on data analytics
  • Basic programming
  • experience in R