Social Media Analysis: Creating Maps and Measures with NodeXL

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Data scientists are increasingly studying the structure of relationships as much as the attributes of individuals. It is important to know the logic of networks to provide analytic solutions that provide insights into collections of connections. In this course, you will learn the essentials of networks in a practical way with real world examples with a focus on social media.


  1. To learn the required theories and concepts of networks and social networks
  2. To learn how to prepare your data for network analysis
  3. To install and run NodeXL Pro
  4. To learn the basics of the NodeXL Pro application
  5. To learn how to do automated analysis in NodeXL Pro
  6. To know how to identify key people and groups on social networks
  7. To know how to run content analysis to create a vector of words, hashtags and URLs for each user, group, and population
  8. To understand how to interpret the network metrics
  9. To know the best practices on customizing network analysis to adapt to different data sources
  10. To learn how to build a network based strategy in your own  organization


  1. Installing NodeXL Pro
  2. Data preparation and cleaning methods - "think link"!
  3. Data about relationships, entities, and groups
  4. Content analysis
  5. Introduction to network structures: power laws, preferential attachment and the 1-9-90 law
  6. Identification of influential contributors (thought leaders)
  7. Network centrality and clustering algorithms
  8. Data visualization: drawing collections of connections
  9. Descriptive Statistics for Networks
  10. Exploratory analysis of networks
  11. Reporting and presenting network insights

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€ 390

Target audience

  • Data scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Marketing Staff
  • Social Media Content Providers
  • Event planners
  • Corporate Communications Staff


  • Basic Excel Skills