Data Talent Discovery (Campaign Portugal 21-100)

  • publish date : 10/08/2021


Call For Data Professionals in Portugal


FREE online assessment for Data Professionals in Portugal to discover 100 Data Talents

Do you have any talent to be a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst? What is your ATU score?

Aligned with the Upskilling priorities of the European Commission in the Data Analytics domain, Analytics Academy of Data Corner conducts an online assessment to discover 100 data professionals in Portugal.


Who can participate in this campaign?
 Students, Professors, freelancers, the organization workforce, and all data enthusiasts who have some knowledge in the data analytics domain,  and are based in Portugal.

Registration deadline: 20th Aug 2021

The online assessment date: 23 to 27 Aug 2021

How long does this assessment take? 15 to 40 minutes based on the test categories that you will select

How to register: Press the "I like to attend" button on this page and submit your application through the registration form.


The Academy team will contact you for a briefing about the assessment.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at