More than 16000 applicants registered in our Upskilling program (Santander / IPS Scholarship)

  • publish date : 15/05/2022



According to a recent report by European Commission, Europe will face a shortage of 925,000 data professionals by 2025.



Banco SANTANDER's international and national experience has shown that the provision of scholarships has been a fundamental element in addressing the public's demand for training. This finding results in numerous scholarship programs, of various formats, duration and themes, distributed by all mentioned strategic axes. The complementary training applied to the acquisition of skills directly linked to professional development is one of the themes that Banco Santander has explored in association with the best schools in the world in different scientific areas. The strategy is intended to provide customized advanced training services, continuing the offer of scholarships to the general public that allow participants to improve their professional training, reorient their career or just to allow them to continue their path of continuous learning.


In this context, the Santander Scholarships Tech | Data Analytics and Data Science is created, as an online Talent Discovery and Upskilling program carried out by Analytics Academy of Data Corner in collaboration with Polytechnique Institute of Setubal (IPS).

This project is a Big Data Talent Discovery (500 participants) and Upskilling plan (50 participants) to mitigate the reported shortage of data professionals in society according to the follwoing schedule:



As one of the Europe award-winning Big Data Companies in Portugal, Data Corner will contribute to provide the online platform for Analytics Skill Assessment and conduct the online Big Data analytics courses to upskill the selected talents and introduce them to the job market in Portugal and Europe.

Program Stages

Conducted by


Announcing the program and Registration through the Santander Portal




Starting at:  16th Mar 2022

Ending at: 15th May 2022


Evaluating the registrations



Starting at:  16th May 2022

Ending at: 22nd May 2022


Announcement of the selected applicants in the Phase 1 of the program (Max of 500 pax)



24th May 2022

Sending the instructions about the ATU online assessment

Data Corner


25th May 2022

Running the ATU online Assessment

(Max of 500 pax)

Data Corner


Starting at:  1st Jun 2022

Ending at: 5th Jun 2022


Evaluating the ATU Assessment results

Data Corner


Starting at:  6th Jun 2022

Ending at: 15th Jun 2022


Announcement of the selected applicants in the Phase 2 of the program (Max of 50 pax)

Data Corner &



17th Jun 2022

Running the online trainings in Data Analysis and Data Science

Data Corner


Starting at:  27th Jun 2022

Ending at: 22nd Jul 2022


Presenting the final projects by graduates of the program


Data Corner



28th Jul 2022

Award ceremony and announcing the top 3 graduates of each training program


Data Corner



28th Jul 2022

Delivering the program results and the upskilling progress report

Data Corner


12th Aug 2022


More than 16,000 applicants from 18 countries registered in this program.